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// Web design


Web design is a discipline which encompasses many skills and a wide range of abilities. It describes the task of creating websites, by using different web languages, in order to be displayed over the World Wide Web.

// Graphic design


Graphic design is the creative process that drives a web designer to build a site, by using images, patterns, layouts and other graphic elements in order to create a well-balanced product which can be visible by all kinds of devices.

// Accessibility


Accessibility means having equal access to web-based information and services regardless of physical or developmental abilities or impairments. That includes work and the use of services, products and information.

// Usability


Usability is the efficiency and effectiveness with which a website is used. Moreover, it is concerned with the ease of finding specific information through the web pages. Both usability and accessibility must be considered when you build a website.


Hello, my name is Luigia De Fazio and I'm an Italian freelance web designer.
I was born in a little city in the province of Brindisi, but for eight years I have been living in Lecce, a beautiful city between the Ionian and Adriatic Sea where I freelance for web agencies and private clients.

For several years I have been developing a deep passion for the Internet, graphics and the inner meanings of web communication, thus creating internet websites in perfect accordance with modern trends and paying close attention to W3C STANDARDS and SEO.

I usually like defining myself as an "internaut"; I like social networking, traveling, reading, playing sports and foreign languages too. After several years working for import-export industries, I decided to study html, css because I wanted to understand how a simple website can be created.

Since then I have been studying hard in order to improve myself thus giving the best to my clients. I am able to project, design and develop an entire website, focusing my attention on usability, accessability, graphics and seo. My deep knowledge of English and German allows me to build multilingual websites as well.

I wish you a pleasant stay on my website and feel free to CONTACT ME for any questions or job request you may have.

Why choose me

Simply because I love my job and I like to give my best by making everything I do efficient and accessible. I have good ideas and an absolute unwavering passion for all things creative done professionally and properly.

Ideatrice del primo sito personale della mia vita, dotata di grande creatività, forte passione e determinazione. Precisa e puntuale, è un piacere averla accanto come Webmaster di fiducia.

Daniela Altomonte - Author of the Italian dialogues for dubbing

Professionista seria e capace; ha la dote di capire le esigenze del cliente e di mettersi al suo servizio producendo lavori di grande impatto e di elevato profilo. È sempre molto disponibile e gradevole nel modo di porsi; ha saputo consigliarmi in modo obiettivo con l'unico scopo di valorizzare il mio lavoro e la mia figura professionale. Il sito da lei creato è stato all'altezza delle mie aspettative.

Emanuela Rotunno - Italian professional freelance translator


This section is currently being updated. All sites are tested for crossbrowser compatibility.


I build cross-browser internet websites and validated by w3c. At the same time I have a particular interest in the graphic and emotional aspects, I do believe a site must be graphically beautiful, but simple to navigate in order to respect the principles of usability and accessibility. To do this, I use the following software: